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Behind The Rock Virtual Tournament

Posted by Administrator on 11/20/2012 to Behind The Rock Tour

Presenting 220 & 198 by Behind the Rock Tour

The Game

We play games against the Ghost. You have no opponent. It’s just you and the table. The 220 division is played on the 9ft tables and 198 is played on the 7ft and 8ft tables. We are currently playing the games 220 and 198 and will be incorporating other games such as 10ball banks, 9ball banks, scotch doubles, virtual scotch doubles and other events.

Games 220 and 198 Based on 10-Ball (220) and 9-ball (198)

Games played: 11 racks for a match

Opponent: The "Ghost" is nobody! Players compete with everybody, but play against themselves.

Rules: The balls are racked as in 10-Ball or 9-ball. In a rack the player breaks and scores a point for every ball pocketed on the break. The player then gets ball in hand and attempts to pocket as many balls as possible, hitting the lowest numbered ball on the table, receiving a point for every ball legally pocketed. The rack is completed after a miss, a foul is committed, or all balls are legally pocketed. The player plays 11 racks per match.

All Ball Foul rules.

Break and run the 11th game, player plays a 12th game to complete the scoring for the 11th game.

Scoring: If a ball is pocketed on the break and the player runs all ten balls, that rack is referred to as a Snap Game. The player gets 10 points for that game and adds all the balls earned in the subsequent game back to the Snap Game (similar to scoring a strike in bowling).

If no balls are pocketed on the break but the rack is run out, that rack is referred to as a Cut Game. The player gets 10 points for that game and adds the points from the break in the subsequent game back to the Cut Game (similar to scoring a spare in bowling). These are the basic rules. There are other rules such as point deductions for fouls, balls pocketed on a scratch on the break get re-spotted, an option to keep running balls after the break called a "Cut Game Option", and time limit on matches (slow play is not tolerated!). It’s important that the details of the score sheet are carefully tallied as the competition every week is razor-sharp (hundredths of a point often separate the first five paying slots!) and the details of the score sheet are the tie-breakers.

Virtual Tournament: Once the 11

th game is finished the statistics are tallied. If the player is playing in a handicapped division the match score is added to a player’s handicap to generate an aggregate score. At the end of the week, the players matches are transmitted from each participating pool room to the central database at Behind the Rock who compiles scores from all the players in all participating venues. The weekly tournament is paid out based on the number of players for each division.

Table Divisions: We currently play 220 on 9ft tables and 198 on the 7ft/8ft tables.

Divisions: The tour will be comprised of 5 divisions: Intermediate, Open, Advanced, Scratch and Advanced Scratch. The Intermediate, Open and Advanced divisions are handicapped. Scratch and Advanced Scratch are played with no handicap. Players compete in a Scratch division until they have an established average by playing 6

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